Sep 11, 2009 at 4:52 PM

(dotNetNuke 5.1)

I could not locate any installation instructions. This how I attempted to install:

Download and unzip the package to a location outside my dnn folder.
Open the solution in Visual Studio.
Delete and re-add the reference to DotNetNuke.dll.
Build the solution.
Copy the BrandonHaynes.DotNetNukeResXBuildProvider.dll to my DotNetNuke bin folder.
Add the <add extension=".resx" ....  > element to the web.config file:
              add extension=".resx" ...
                A DotNetNuke ASP.NET Localization BuildProvider
              Added by pGplayer on 2009/09/11
                I hope this will enable us to use standard 2.0
                localization with meta:resourcekey attributes on asp:Label controls,
                because the dnn:label controls are not working with Telerik ajax stuff.
              Goals of the build provider:
                Require no core changes
                Be side-by-side compatible with the existing DotNetNuke localization services
                Require little configuration by a hosting user
                Allow strongly-typed per-portal and per-culture access to existing global DotNetNuke resources
                Minimal additional in-memory footprint and reasonable performance
                Enable use of the meta:resourcekey attribute in DotNetNuke modules
                Be fully compatibility with third-party modules        
        <add extension=".resx"
                   BrandonHaynes.DotNetNukeResXBuildProvider" />

Rebuild my DotNetNuke project.

This resulted in a number of "Unable to load referenced library" errors:
Also, a couple "Type 'ASP.global_asax' is not defined." errors on my VerifySalesLead.aspx page.

Tried moving the BrandonHaynes.DotNetNukeResXBuildProvider.dll to my DotNetNuke \bin/Providers\ folder.
Rebuild my DotNetNuke project.

This resulted in a number of "The type or namespace name 'BrandonHaynes' could not be fuond (are you missing a using directive or an

assembly reference?)" errors.

At this point I gave up. Let them learn English.

Sep 11, 2009 at 6:37 PM
pgPlayer wrote:

At this point I gave up. Let them learn English.



Sorry for your frustration, pgPlayer.  Note that -- even with the buildProvider -- DotNetNuke does not support precompliation of an ASP.NET application.

Your approach appears sound otherwise (you'll want the assembly in your DotNetNuke bin directory, as you noticed).  

You might try clearing out your .NET temporary file folder as well.  

Hope this helps!